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Bhakti, Kirtan, Music & Yoga

Yoga Acharyas (M.Y.) John William Bauld (MahaDeva) & Shonna Brown (Annapurna) teach classical yoga and are musicians who spread the love that they hold in their heart for Bhakti (the yoga of loving devotion). The debut solo album, produced in California by acclaimed Grammy-nominated Ben Leinbach, mixes sacred Sanskrit mantra with modern adult contemporary music in English. “Nataraja," the single, is featured on Kripalu’s Seva CD "Sounds of Bhakti – Vol 7." Their newly released live kirtan album "Mahapurna," is now available, and they are currently recording their second studio album. 

John and Shonna are regular presenters at retreat centres, yoga conferences, and festivals such as Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge Massachusetts; Bhaktifest California in Joshua Tree, California; the Toronto International Yoga Conference & Show; and Toronto’s Global Yogathon in Dundas Square. They are also the founders of Anandafest, which takes place in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, and continues their commitment to spreading Bhakti yoga.